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Transforming your home


Plenty of home owners choose to do their own painting and decorating and thoroughly enjoy it!
However it's not as easy as it looks and it is a messy and smelly job that can go terribly wrong if you don't know what you are doing.
The difference a professional paint job makes is amazing, it just looks BETTER!
Not only that but you can relax and leave it to us and come back to enjoy the difference.

Our trade certified tradespeople can take care of all your painting and decorating needs, from tidying up the house and making it feel clean and fresh and adding appeal if you are selling or renting, to specialty finishes and exclusive imported wall coverings if you are going all out to impress.

Interior Painting

Interior painting can change the mood of a room and often, adding a feature wall or paint effect can lift a room out of the ordinary and make it special.

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Interior Painting 2
Interior Painting 3
Interior Painting 4
Interior Painting 1 Interior Painting 2 Interior Painting 3 Interior Painting 4

Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting not only provides the first step in effective property maintenance but enhances your property value.
Painting roofs and wooden joinery in particular is a vital part of any property maintenance schedule and a failure to regularly paint both can lead to serious and expensive deterioration, leaking and water damage.
A dry home is a healthy home, keep your home watertight with regular painting, a $1 of prevention is worth $1000 of cure!

What our clients are saying about us...

HomePro recently completed a comprehensive makeover of our Hillcrest property. The work included external painting, internal re-decorating, a new kitchen, bathroom makeover, new carpets, new deck, and numerous other tasks. They exceeded all expectations with regular communication over options and prices to meet our budget, and then progress updates once the project started. They run a competent team of tradesmen who produced very good results and were always friendly and co-operative. We were very pleased with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending their services to other property owners considering similar work. --Chris H, Hillcrest, North Shore